CUMTGS has two regular weekly meetings:

• Sundays 5pm - 9pm at the Tram Depot pub, 5 Dover St, Cambridge CB1 1DY (see map).

• Thursdays 5pm - 8:30pm at the new West Hub in West Cambridge (Google maps link).

We often play EDH, though all formats are welcome. We also accomodate all experience levels, and enjoy teaching beginners- we have decks available for loan at our events. All of our events are open to anyone, not just students.

You’re welcome to turn up for any or all of that meeting time, as play is casual.

There may, however, be drafts and prerelease events in future- keep an eye out for news by subscribing to the mailing list and checking news. Also feel free to suggest them!

The society charges no membership fee, and you are free to attend regular meetings whenever you wish- no signup required, just turn up!