Hello and welcome to another year of CUMTGS!

It was great seeing people at the fresher's stall, and thanks to everyone who played in our game there

We are now announcing our AGM which will be held on the Sunday meeting 30/10/2022, at the Tram Depot as usual. This meeting is where we hold our committee elections which everyone may vote for. Everyone is invited to stand for a position, which are the following:

President: Generally being in charge
Secretary: Sending out emails and functioning as a vice president
Social Secretary: Organising special events (our regular weekly meetings are mostly self-sustaining)
Webmaster: Making sure the website, discord and other channels are up to date

Anyone wishing to stand should make their application in the form of a custom MTG card, examples of previous ones can be found on our history page. None of the positions are especially high commitment as our society's runnings are quite simple. If you have any further questions about what each role entails you may ask the current holder directly, who can be found on the committee page.